There are projects that tell each other and projects that tell.
Others that tell each other, telling:
Project 111

My vision

2020 was a special year for the whole world, but for my whole family it represents
the one hundred years since the purchase of our first land.
One more reason to ”look back with gratitude”
with a sincere feeling of sharing my values,
common to my grandparents, my parents
and which I hope to convey to my children.
It is not a small detail,
for me,
it is essential to start from my family,
because it is thanks to the solid foundations that I have received and that I am transmitting,
that today I can say:
”every dream finds its light only if realized with passion, work and honesty”
That's what I thought and strongly wanted the Project111:
to honor this prestigious anniversary
by still creating value, but not a personal value, but a widespread value”

A very ambitious project that does not stop at charity,
but intends to create a virtuous circle of the values ​​I believe in,
through the objectives I want to tell:
- Altruism
- Territory
- Dedication
three distinct aims which, seen with a utopian eye, materialize in
three vertical rods placed side by side and in just two words:
“Project 111”

The project

One hundred and eleven numbered Magnums
of the best monovarietal barrique produced every year
that anyone can buy, choosing their number,
and indicate the Non-profit Association, to which I will donate I will personally pay ,
in the name of the buyer, approximately 50% of the proceeds.
Every year, every harvest,
starting from the harvest of our centenary!

Each glass of 111
will tell about altruism ...
because part of the proceeds will be donated to charity honoring the buyer's instructions;
will tell about territory ...
demonstrating that the race to discover of new terroirs in the wine world is far from over;
will tell about the dedication…
of a dreamer who has projected his dream into reality.

It is a wine that comes from a dream and, as such, will enter the hearts of all of you ...
”... to convey the disbelief I feel in tasting that nectar which,
contained in precious containers of materials and different shapes,
evolves until it reaches its maximum expression ”

Wine in Project 111

Different varieties of grapes grown, different genesis of soils, multiple variety-soil combinations, with a single constant: it must be exclusively a mono-varietal. Not just any one, only that coming from a single parcel of land which for that particular harvest, after having spent part of its long aging process in the various containers present, I imagine can give the best expression of itself, once closed in the bottle.