Located in the province of Pisa, in the village of Pomaia, the company is spread over a plateau in the Northern Maremma.
Located a few kilometers north of Bolgheri, it lies within a unique area, where natural conditions allow the vines to produce grapes of the highest quality from which to obtain unique, authentic and recognizable wines.


A unique project, a unique location, a single goal, to obtain the best grapes from those lands continuously cultivated with cereals and olive trees for more than a hundred years from my family.

Respect for nature and its rhythms, manual processing, minimal use of synthetic products, hand-picked, soft pressing, specific refinement for each wine. A life choice that seamlessly conditions the life of those close to you, of those who follow you and believe in your work.


The plateau, which slopes gently to the south-west, is located at 180 meters above sea level and is composed of a mosaic of soils ranging from pure sedimentary marine limestone to volcanic stony, meeting clear areas where blue clay is predominant. The sun, the light and the continuous breezes, coming from the mountains or the sea, combine to create a perfect microclimate for the development of the vine and the ripening of the grapes..


An in-depth preliminary study to choose the vines to be planted, to identify the best combination of rootstock and variety for each type of soil. A certainty, that of producing mono-varietal wines from native Tuscan grapes, an ambition, that of creating blends by working with other native Italian grapes. Crazy, to show that the areas for international vines are much wider than you think. The vineyards, are located in 5 different plots named “Campo San Giovanni”, “Campo al Pino”, “Cantina”, “Puntina” and “Riserva” currently extending over approximately 13.5 hectares.