On that plateau, located about 180 meters above sea level and which slopes gently towards the south-west, all the fundamental components are found to give rise to grapes that reach a perfect ripeness from which to obtain balanced, structured and quality wines.
The soil varies from pure calcareous of sedimentary nature and marine origin, to stony and arid of magmatic-volcanic origin meeting areas, with deep sea sedimentary clay.
The climate, where the sun, the light and the continuous breezes give healthiness to the grapes and the temperature variations give aromas and slow ripening.

The TERROIR of Gianni Moscardini

Excellence in the glass, the best of the fruit of our work in an extraordinary territory.

The Monovarietal of Gianni Moscardini

The expression of the three different single-varietals within our terroir.

The Selection of Gianni Moscardini

Freshness combined with elegance, perfect for any occasion.